Roelof Louw at Karsten Schubert: 27 November 2013 – 13 December 2013


Image c. Roelof Loew and Karsten Schubert Gallery.

Roelof Louw’s Rolled Lead Piece, 1970 is being shown in London next week. The work has not been shown since the 1970 exhibition Between Man and Matter. The Richard Saltoun website writes:

‘The final show to be staged in Karsten Schubert Gallery’s, Soho, London, space the work will take over an entire room and consists of sheets of lead, rolled and then pushed towards the gallery walls.  The lead sheets themselves are specified to a particular weight, in relation to the gallery surface area. Arising out of the Process Art movement of the 1960s, the work emphasizes the process of its own construction and tests the limits of the human body. It uses a traditional sculptural material  – lead – in a non-traditional form and manner. The physical act of rolling out the lead becomes part of the work, with the work being interrupted at various stages and documented. The process is completed, when the exhibition has ended and the lead removed, ultimately destroying the gallery floor, and sold back to the supplier at the end of the exhibition for scrap.’

More information can be found on the Richard Saltoun website:

Thank-you to Joy Sleeman, who will be speaking on the sculptor Roelof Louw at London Art Worlds, for highlighting this.


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